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This Day in History - HISTORY
  • The United States and Soviet Union step back from brink of nuclear war
    Complicated and tension-filled negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union finally result in a plan to end the two-week-old Cuban Missile Crisis. A frightening period in which nuclear holocaust seemed imminent began to come to an end.  Since President John F. Kennedy’s October ...
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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
  • dexterous

    Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for October 27, 2020 is:

    dexterous • \DEK-strus\  • adjective

    1 : mentally adroit and skillful : clever

    2 : done with mental or physical skill, quickness, or grace : done with dexterity : artful

    3 : skillful and competent with the hands


    As a shortstop, Alex is a dexterous fielder who is adept at catching any ground ball or line drive hit at him.

    "And every single one of those weaves is done by hand. No loom is used—only dexterous fingers, sharp eyes and Zen-like concentration." — Roff Smith, The New York Times, 22 July 2020

    Did you know?

    Dexterous comes from the Latin word dexter, meaning "on the right side." Since most people are right-handed, and therefore do things more easily with their right hand, dexter developed the sense of "skillful." English speakers crafted dexterous from dexter and have been using the resulting adjective for anyone who is skillful—in either a physical or mental capacity—since at least the early 1600s. The adjective ambidextrous, which combines dexter with the Latin prefix ambi-, meaning "both," describes one who is able to use both hands in an equally skillful way.

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