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  • Pope Paul VI
    "Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help."
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  • Poem of the Day: The Beauty of Black
    When we look at ourselves
    We see ourselves through eyes
    Which have been schooled
    To see comely only the opaque, 
    Comely to us skin that is fair,
    Comely to us eyes that are light,
    Comely to us hair that is straight,
    Comely to us lips that are thin,
    Our gods and goddesses
    Glow in opalescent whiteness
    And daily we worship at this shrine. 
    Ugly to us our satin black skin,
    Ugly to us our fulsome lips,
    Ugly to us our midnight eyes,
    Ugly to us our crisping hair
    Thus we have rejected our image. 
    But this is not as it should be
    We black people must be born again.
    Know that the black people like other races
    Have their own distinct beauty,
    Know that the Stygian night too is beautiful. 

    Margaret Burroughs, "The Beauty of Black" from What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?.  Copyright © 1968, 1992 by Margaret Burroughs.  Reprinted by permission of the Estate of Margaret Burroughs. 

    Margaret Burroughs

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