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  • Poem of the Day: Summer at North Farm
    Fires, always fires after midnight,
    the sun depending in the purple birches

    and gleaming like a copper kettle.
    By the solstice they’d burned everything,

    the bad-luck sleigh, a twisted rocker,
    things “possessed” and not-quite-right.

    The bonfire coils and lurches,
    big as a house, and then it settles.

    The dancers come, dressed like rainbows
    (if rainbows could be spun),

    and linking hands they turn
    to the melancholy fiddles.

    A red bird spreads its wings now
    and in the darker days to come.

    Stephen Kuusisto, “Summer at North Farm” from Only Bread Only Light. Copyright © 2000 by Stephen Kuusisto. Used with the permission of Copper Canyon Press,

    Source: Poetry August 1989

    Stephen Kuusisto

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