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  • John Locke
    "Fortitude is the guard and support of the other virtues."
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  • Poem of the Day: Summer
    The host's girlfriend is barely seen.

    She's busy giving away
    wild animals to reluctant guests.

                   I agree to take a snake-dog,
    maybe an electric eel, but when
    I feel its sharp teeth in my shoulder,

    I start to worry about
    the future welfare of our fragile cat,
    the precarious order of our rented home,

    and remember
    I am supposed to be looking for someone....

                    A half-wolf, half-elephant
    cracks through the walls
    of the peeling wallpapered bedroom

    where my former student
    in a fuschia robe and curlers sits
    by a lighted make-up mirror.

    The shadows off elongated fake eyelashes are as dark
    as the branches of an evening tree.

    The hovering body of a fiery sparrow is almost

    like flute music or an idea.

    I turn my back
                    and finally, I spot her
                    my friend, the host.

    She's sipping rum punch from a martini glass;
    her whole body appears to be smiling, glowing,

    and I don't know what to think.

    I know she doesn't drink, hasn't in decades,
    and I wonder what's suddenly changed, but
    then I remember

    the cancer won,
    my friend isn't actually
    here, there is no party,
    there was never a house.

    Joanna Fuhrman, "Summer" from The Year of Yellow Butterflies. Copyright © 2015 by Joanna Fuhrman.  Reprinted by permission of Hanging Loose Press.

    Source: The Year of Yellow Butterflies(Hanging Loose Press, 2015)

    Joanna Fuhrman

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